Washer Repair

We know you strive to keep your family spotless and when the washing machine starts to act up, you need a quick washer repair you can count on. Home Appliance MD comes to your home with the tools, parts, and expertise to complete nearly any washer repair on the spot. Our wash repair technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We treat each customer like family and have been working for more than 30 years to get you back to business.

Some fixes are shockingly basic while others repairs refined diagnostics. Our technicians can help answer simple questions over the phone while offering expert assistance. For more complex diagnostics and repairs, we arrive at your home quickly to address any problem you may have.  We don’t just make repairs, we actually preserve and extend the life of your appliances through careful maintenance and quality repairs with a guarantee you can count on.

Expert Help vs. Do-It-Yourself

Unless you wash your clothes by hand, your washing machine is a vital part of your home. How do you know whether to call a repair service or DIY it? First, check to see if your machine is under warranty. Home Appliance MD is a certified washing machine repair service, so if your machine is under warranty, you’ll want to call a professional before attempting to fix it yourself. If you do the work yourself, you’ll risk voiding the warranty and you’ll be responsible for any future repairs.

Our experts are prepared to repair an extensive variety of washing machine repairs. We are professionally trained by all major manufacturers so we can handle even the most difficult diagnostics. Every time we arrive, we bring a truck to your home equipped with the most common parts and tools to most handle repairs on all of the top appliance brands so we can make most repairs the same day with no waiting require.

Most Common Washing Machine Problems

From clothes and uniforms to sports jerseys, socks, and towels, your washing machine has a big job to do. When something goes wrong, it can affect everyone in the family.

Some of the most common washing machine problems may actually be fixable over the phone with a quick call to Home Appliance MD. Others may require a home visit, give us a call if you experience any of these common washing machine problems.

  1. My washing machine doesn’t sound right.

A whiny, screaming, screeching or squeaky washing machine is usually a good indicator that you might have a problem. If you notice a funny noise, pay attention to when and where you hear them during the washing machine cycle. A noise during the spin cycle might be a problem with the shock absorbers, while a noise after the spin cycle might be a drain pump issue.

Any type of abnormal noise from the washing machine is usually an indicator of a problem. Empty the washing machine completely and run an empty load, take note of when the noise starts, ends, and if it fluctuates. Noise problems should be taken care of as soon as possible to avoid damage to other components.

  1. There is water all over my floor!

Water under your washing machine is never a good sign, but a leak is usually an indicator of a clear problem with a pretty straightforward solution. There are only two main culprits for leaks in a washing machine: the drain hoses or fill hoses. The fill hose brings water into the machine and the drain hose moves it out. Both hoses are located in the back of the machine and are connected to your house’s water supply. If you have a leak, inspect each hose for a crack or tear. Be sure the connections are secure and look into the drains to be sure they are not clogged. 

  1. I have an Error Code

Today’s sophisticated machines will often tell you exactly what is wrong without you having to lift a finger. If you have a digital front loader machine and have an error code popping up on the screen, your machine is telling you there’s a problem. If you have your owner’s manual, you can look up most error codes in the manual. If you don’t have your owner’s manual, most manufacturers post them online. Some codes are simple fixes like the machine is too full, other codes require a professionally trained technician. Give us a call whenever you see an error code and we can get you back on track quickly. 

  1. My Machine Will Not Start

A silent washing machine that refuses to work is extremely aggravating. If you load up the machine and it refuses to cooperate it is easy to get frustrated very quickly. For front loading machines, be sure that the door switch is closed, and the door lock is activated. These are safety features that will prevent the machine from turning on. There are other safety components that may stop your machine mid-cycle, or prevent it from working at all. Because of this, it is always a good idea to call a certified repair technician. Chances are, it is a digital glitch in the motherboard that needs to be restarted or replaced. The circuit boards in digital washing machines are more complex and sophisticated than ever and require trained professionals to repair.

In addition to washing machine repairs, we offer regular maintenance to clean your machine, replace worn out hoses, and ensure your appliances are in top working order all year long. Give us a call today and talk to one of our top-rated customer service agents who always put you first.