Refrigerator Repair

If you are experiencing a case of hot and cold, we are here to help. Typically, the lifetime of a fridge is between 6-10 years. Our professional technicians are able to diagnose and repair small and significant refrigerator repairs to keep your appliances running strong.

Among appliances, refrigerators are one of the most expensive home investments. A few repairs might be straightforward like a broken ice machine, or defective temperature gage.

Others may require more sophisticated diagnostics for the latest refrigerator repair technology. Our pros handle every job with care and accuracy.

We help you to preserve the life of your fridge with same-day service and reliable service to keep the milk from spoiling.

Refrigeration Maintenance Tips:

Adequately maintaining your refrigerator can extend the life of your appliance and reduce your monthly utility bills. These simple tips are some of the most important recommendations we make for fridge maintenance.

1. Once a year, pull your fridge away from the wall and vacuum the back. You might be surprised how much dust and dirt collect back there. Not only is this dirty, but it collects on the coils and can make them significantly inefficient.

2. Check the seal periodically and replace the door seal if necessary This is a relatively simple replacement that can make your fridge significantly more efficient.

3. Cover your food. Most of us cover our food to keep it from seeping odor into the fridge, but it actually is more important than that. Foods can emit moisture into the air and compressor, which is difficult to remove.

The best way to keep your fridge from overworking is to let food cool to room temperature first, and be sure it is covered before it goes into the fridge.

Most Common Refrigerator Repairs  

From replacing a filter to repairing a cooling compressor, we have seen it all. Our technicians are here to help, and we provide honest diagnostics and upfront costs before starting any work. Some of the most common repairs for refrigerators include:

  • problems with the ice maker
  • the temperature not getting cold enough
  • door latch seal issues
  • loud or strange noises
  • leaking water in or around the unit.

If you are noticing any of these common symptoms, check the following areas that may help you troubleshoot the issue and then give us a call and we can better help you solve the problem with the right team of experts.

1. Is the back wall of the freezer cold? In most units, the cold air in the fridge comes from the freezer, so if you’re having a temperature issue, it may be a problem with the freezer.

2. Is there any type of noise coming from the freezer? A sizzling noise may occur but should stop within a few minutes and is normal during the fridge cycle. A buzzing noise may be an indicator of a problem with the fan.

3. Can you hear or feel the fan flowing from the back vents? This air comes from the evaporator fan, which is responsible for regulating temperature, a problem with the fan can be an indicator of a clog, leak, or blockage.

Common Ice Maker Problems

One of the most common reasons for refrigerator repairs is the ice maker. An ice maker is a small appliance within an appliance.

It is independent of all of the other refrigerator functions and can be repaired or replaced without replacing the entire refrigerator. There are two parts to the ice maker, the icemaker itself and the water fill valve.

A signal is sent by the ice maker to the fill valve and allows water into an ice tray. The ice maker uses a thermostat to determine when the ice is frozen and empties it into a tray using a small heating element and a device that turns out the tray.

If your ice is not functioning it might be a problem with the fill valve, the heating element, or the sensors involved.

We come to your home ready to repair all major brands of refrigerators.  We bring a fully stocked truck to replace, repair, or maintain your appliance without requiring a second appointment.

Our technicians are professionally trained in all major brands with ongoing training to stay up to date with the latest technology in high-tech appliances. Give us a call if your appliance is not performing as it should.

As your local appliance specialist, we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work around your schedule to get your taken care of as soon as possible.