Oven Repair

Don’t continue to put up with burnt dinner and half baked brownies. If your oven has lost its spark give us a call.

We bring the ease back into dinnertime by making sure your oven, range, cooktop or stove is working as it should. We provide oven repair for all major makes and models from vintage cooktops to units with high tech circuit boards.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience to keep you cooking.


Most cooktop repairs include either the burners or the fan above. Because cooktops are built-in, it is often easier to repair them than find a replacement that fits perfectly into the space.

How do I know whether I have a cooktop or a range?

The only difference between a cooktop and a range is one is connected to the oven and the other is not. A cooktop fits into your countertop, has a downdraft fan above, but is not connected to the oven itself. A range is one single unit with the burners on top and the oven down below.

Glass Cooktops: Glass cooktops are a popular choice because they have a sleek appearance and are easy to clean. However, they are still prone to wear and tear just like any cooking surface and some repairs are easier to make than others.

Ceramic Cooktop: A ceramic cooktop often heats up faster than glass, and doesn’t break or crack as easy as glass, but requires more care.

Common issues you may encounter with a glass or ceramic cooktop include:

  1. Scratches: Some of the scratches in your cooktop or range can be buffed our, but others are too deep to be repaired. Our technicians can maintain, buff, and polish your cooktop on a regular basis to keep it looking like new.
  1. Chips and Cracks: Glass cooktops are more prone to cracking than ceramic cooktops, especially if something is dropped on them. If the glass cracks, it is time to replace it. We carry several makes and models of replacement glass to complete the job in one visit.
  1. Heating Issues: If your cooktop is electric and is not heating problem, it is likely a faulty switch. This requires a professional to test the wires with an ohmmeter to determine continuity and discover whether the switch needs to be replaced or not. This is a common problem that our team is equipped to replace quickly and easily.
  1. Replacement Parts. Knobs, switches, buttons, and handles all wear down over time. We keep a stock of the most popular replacement parts on hand so we can replace them anytime you need.


Ovens, ranges, stoves, and cooktops can be difficult to diagnose and repair on your own. We can help with a ride range of issues from large oven repairs to simply changing the oven light bulb. We service all components to repair or replace and get you back up and running in the same day.

  • If you smell gas: Anytime you smell gas, immediately turn off the ignition source and call us immediately. Our professionals can find the source of the smell, and repair or replace a leak if necessary.
  • Why won’t my oven heat up? If your unit appears to be on, but is not heating up, it might be a problem with the internal thermostat. Our experts can calibrate the oven and repair or replace the internal thermostat if necessary.
  • My food is burned on top and uncooked in the middle! Chances are, this is a problem with the bake element, which is the heating element in the bottom of your stove. If the element is blistered or separated, it may need to be replaced. We keep a variety of heating elements on hand so you don’t have to wait to order parts.
  • If your oven is locked and won’t open: Most modern ovens have a safety mechanism that requires them to shut off if they reach an internal temperature that is too high. If your oven is shutting off unexpectedly, it could be a problem with the temperature sensor that causes the automatic shut off to kick in prematurely.

With each house call, we come with a fully stocked truck prepared with the parts and tools to make most common oven repairs. If your home oven, stove, range, or cooktop is in need of maintenance or repair, give us a call.

We work on your schedule 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We provide honest answers to your questions and fair estimates before beginning any work so there are no surprises along the way.