Dryer Repair

The dryer is perhaps the easiest machine in your home. You put clothes in, it spins them around, adds heat, and the come out dry.

Simple right?

But if your dryer is running all day just to get your laundry dry, it can be frustrating and expensive. Without an effective dryer, your home or apartment can quickly turn into the neighborhood laundry mat.

We have expert advice, technicians, and replacement parts on hand to help you with most repairs the same day. Home Appliance MD are the dryer repair specialists with over 30 years in the industry and a trusted name that customers rely on to keep their homes running smoothly.

Common Dryer Repair Issues

The home dryer is a very simple appliance. It has a motor that turns a large drum very quickly. It also contained a heat source provided by either an electrical element or a gas flame.

This gives you a heated drum spinning at a high speed to dry your clothes. Most dryer problems are either a motor issue, or a heating issue.

Our specialists can repair, replace, or maintain all of your most common problems and most repairs can be completed in one day with one phone call. Some of the most common dryer repairs include:

  1. My dryer is not heating at all.

First, double check to be sure what cycle is selected. The “air only” or “tumble” cycle will not use any heat. Check to see if the circuit breaker is tripped or a household fuse has blown.

Your dryer may spin, even with a tripped breaker, but the heat will not come one. You can also double check to see if the power cord is installed correctly.

If your dryer is still not heating up, it’s time to call a technician. We don’t recommend disassembling your dryer yourself for safety reasons. Our technicians are professionally trained and can be at your home in under an hour.

  1. Why is my dryer taking so long?

If you notice that your clothes are still damp after a full dryer cycle, you might need to have your machine serviced.

First, clean out the lint screen. The lint screen should be cleaned between each load. If your lint screen is partially blocking air circulation, it can greatly increase drying time and block the movement of air.

Second, check your exhaust vent or hood for lint. Be sure that the outside exhaust hood is not clogged. When your dryer is running, the outside exhaust hood should feel like a hair blow dryer. If it has less movement than a hair dryer, it may be necessary to clean the entire length of the ventilation system.

Lastly, double check your hose to be sure it is not cracked, crushed, or kinked. This can result in moist air getting trapped and extending drying time. We recommend rigid or flexile metal ventilation systems as opposed to plastic or foil. These are more effective at removing damp air and ensuring good air movement.

  1. My dryer turns on, but doesn’t tumble

If you can get your dryer to turn on, but nothing is moving inside, it’s likely a problem with the motor. Make sure the door is closed completely, the adequate cycle is selected, and the timer is set correctly.

Most often a dryer uses two circuit breakers, one for the motor and one for the heat. Check to see that one or both are working properly.

Our technicians can help to repair or replace your dryer motor or other electrical part if necessary on nearly every make and model.


Exercise extreme care any time you smell natural gas near your dryer. Do not turn the dryer on, do not use a lighter or matches near the unit, and immediately shut off the gas valve that serves the dryer.  Ventilate the area and call a technician to assist you.

We have the experience to serve you!

Our factory-trained technicians are professional, courteous, and trained to handle all dryer repairs on the most popular brands on the market including routine maintenance.  Regardless of your make or model, we have the tools, expertise, and experience to keep you up and running.

Our technicians have a combined industry experience of over 100 years, and we have seen it all. No repair is too large, or maintenance too small for our team.

We pride ourselves to maintaining customer loyalty and being there when you need us most. We can be at most locations in under an hour, give us a call today!